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G’day I’m Dave. I’m an engineer born and bred in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I am married to an incredible wife and I have two amazing little kids. I invest most of my weekdays as the General Manager of an Upholstery business supplying into the heavy truck industry.

I love learning and I enjoy thinking about stuff – big picture stuff. I’ve graduated with a few degrees over the years in the areas of Science, Engineering and Theology and although all learning is cool, my major passion is to learn more about God. I want to experience more of God and to share with my friends aspects of what He is like and what He does. I love chatting about God and I believe that it’s super-important not to use stuffy old-fashioned language, but to discuss God’s characteristics in ways that 21st century Aussies can relate to.

Now just in case you think I’m a complete whacko, or even just a little bit “out there”, I thought I’d share with you briefly what I believe. I have been involved in the same church since 1970. I have participated in various ministries and leadership roles at Ringwood Church of Christ since 1989 and I love it. This is a church that anyone can come to. It’s alive, full of real people “committed to growing a healthy community through attention to the purposes of God and service to the wider world.” Are we perfect? – No way ! We are just ordinary people on the journey of life, but we are convinced that God makes a difference to that journey, a big difference. I love working alongside people who get fired up by similar things to me – knowing God more and making Him known more.

Today there are congregations related to the “Churches of Christ” movement in more than 178 countries across the world. We aim to be a dynamic, relevant Christian movement making a positive impact on our community with the “good news” of Jesus Christ – the resurrected Son of God.

The beliefs and teachings of the Churches of Christ are based on the Bible. We believe that the Bible is the “inspired word of God” and we affirm that it has the authority to guide us how to live in the way that God desires for us.

We believe a Christian is one who has faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to the best of their understanding, obeys Him according to the Bible.

We value the unique contribution of each individual believer, and are committed to helping and encouraging everyone to participate in the ministry of the church in accordance with their strengths and capacities.

Dave Moody