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G’day, Dave here.

Welcome to the launch of the moods4life !

I want to share the awesome God of the Bible with my fellow travelers on the journey of life. This is my big goal in life. I don’t choose to talk about God via videos on this website simply because I woke up last Thursday and thought it would be good to just shoot off at the mouth about different stuff. No, God has made Himself real to me, I have a personal relationship with Him and I believe that since He is the Designer and Creator of life, He wants to encourage us all how to get the most out of this life and live it to the full.

I would love to encourage you to have an open mind to the idea that The God of the Bible is alive and active. He is powerful, personal and loving. He values you… yes you ! ...and no matter who you are or what you’ve done, He wants to relate to you and encourage you that you are unique, with unique talents. He has a unique purpose for your unique life.

So feel free to check out the “Specs” video, an encouragement to get to know who God really is, not from some rumour or some popular thought, but drawing on the source that has the credibility to inform us accurately about His character – the Bible !

Plus, check out my "keyboard". Click on each key to view a video that digs a little deeper into who God is and what He is doing in people’s lives today.

Dave Moody

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